Friday, November 14, 2008

Black History Class Begins !

"All strong peoples emphasize their history all the time; weak peoples do not." - Runoko Rashidi
Watch, listen, & learn. Click the links below for the daily lesson: Lesson 01 - The Pre-test
Lesson 02 - The history of Black History
Lesson 03 - The Global African Presence
Lesson 04 - Ancient African Migrations
Lesson 05 - African Slavery and Islam
Lesson 06 - The world has African ancestors
Lesson 07 - Biblical Black History # 1 - Return to Glory
Lesson 08 - Blacks in America before the Pilgrims
Lesson 09 - The American Slave Trade (Ma'afa)
Lesson 10 - Black Cowboys
Lesson 11 - Queen Mother Moore
Lesson 12 - America's first Black Millionaire
Lesson 13 - Black History and The Moors # 1
Lesson 14 - Biblical Black History # 2 - Black to the Bible
Lesson 15 - Black History in the Holy Koran
Lesson 16 - The Afro-Latinos
Lesson 17 - The Afro-Latinos #2: Puerto Rico
Lesson 18 - The Afro-Latinos #3: Mexico
Lesson 19 - Black Indians (American Indians)
Lesson 20 - The Black Jews
Lesson 21 - Biblical Black History # 3 - African influences
Lesson 22 - American Songs of Freedom
Lesson 23 - Black American Inventions
Lesson 24 - Salsa Music's Black History
Lesson 25 - African Martial Arts
Lesson 26 - Black History and the Blues
Lesson 27 - The Post Test

Created by Seko VArner and Larry Brayboy of The Imani Foundation for The Imani Foundation
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